Campground Host Jobs

What is a Campground Host?

A Campground Host combines part-time, full-time paid or volunteer work. Campground Hosts generally receive compensation in the form of a free campsite, usually with free utilities and additional wages. Campground Host positions can include working at campgrounds, RV parks, mobile home communities, Christmas tree or pumpkin sales lots, amusement parks, motels/hotels, national parks, state parks, U.S. Army Corps of Engineer locations, national monuments, lighthouses, retail stores, food service, sales and more. Campground Host jobs are particularly popular among retirees. While year round Campground Host jobs do exist, many Campground Host positions are seasonal.

Campground Host Job Titles

Campground Managers and Campground Hosts can look for jobs commonly known as Campground Host Jobs, Camp Host Jobs, Campground Jobs, Work Camper Jobs, Work Camping Jobs, Campground Manager Jobs, RV Park Manager Jobs and Mobile Home Community Manager Jobs. Although the job titles vary, the jobs are fundamentally the same.

Campground Host Locations

  • Due to the change in seasons Campground Manager and Campground Host jobs in the northern states run from about May until October. In most southern states they run year-round.
  • Campground Host Conditions
  • Campground Managers and Campground Hosts most often live in their RV at the facility where they are hosting. Managers of mobile home communities are usually provided a single or double wide as part of their compensation package.

Typical Campground Host Duties

  • Registering guest and collecting fees
  • Solving guest problems
  • Cleaning bathrooms, showers and exercise facilities
  • Performing maintenance duties
  • Assisting with activities and events
  • Manage "recreation facilities" flotation device rentals, marina boat rentals and horseback riding rentals

Typical Campground Host Benefits

  • Full hookup campsite – includes water, electric, cable TV and Wi-Fi. Occasionally. Employer that do not cover electric will typically provide a $50 to $100 Stipend.
  • It is not unusual for the Employer to provide propane at their cost or at a discount.
  • The number of hours Employers will require Campground Hosts to work per week can vary from 15, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 40 hours. A typical range is 18 to 24 hours. Campground Host are allowed to divide the number of required hours.
  • Employers typically pay minimum wage for hours worked beyond the agreed upon number of hours per week.

Typical Campground Host Problems

A small percentage of Employers will hire Campground Hosts under the pretense pertaining to the mandatory hours and jobs they will be required to perform in return for the benefits received...
  • Campground Hosts may verbally agree to the total number of hours, number of hours per day, number of days per week and descriptions of the jobs they will be required to perform. When they arrive, they may find that what they agreed to have changed.
  • Campground Hosts may verbally agree to the benefits they will receive. When they arrive, they find that what they agreed to have changed.

Campground Hosts Recommendations

  • Think ahead and plan your next Campground Host job. The better jobs are taken first.
  • Don’t be shy when it comes to negotiating your benefits, number of hours and jobs you will be required to perform.
  • Ask the Employer if they have a Campground Host Agreement that outlines your benefits, number of hours and descriptions of the jobs you will be required to perform.

Typical Employer Problems

  • Campground Hosts will accept a position, but not have the ability to perform the jobs that they committed to due to health reasons, physical attributes and/or the necessary skill sets.
  • The Campground Hosts RV doesn’t meet the minimum requirements of the campground.​

Employer Recommendations

  • Create a Campground Host Benefit Agreement.
  • Before signing a Campground Host Benefit Agreement, request a picture of each Campground Host and their RV.
  • Request that the Campground Host registers on There you can view the Work Camper's Public Profile page that includes links to their My Resume page, My Capabilities page, My Preferences page, Certificates & Licenses, My Work Camper Type Form page that includes their Maintenance Duty and Activity Capabilities, Preferred Work Days, Preferred Number of Work Days per Week and Preferred Number of Work Hours per Day. This information can be synced with the Camp MAINT Manager (CMM) Software.

Campground Host & Employer Solutions

For the first-time Employers can Train & Manage their Campground Hosts from a Single, Intuitive Platform! CMM is the leading provider of employment and management services for Employers and Campground Hosts. The CMM website and Camp MAINT Manager (CMM) employee scheduler software that includes an employee task scheduler, combine to create the #1 My Campground Manager™ campground management system (CMS) that focuses on Campground Host jobs and scheduling the tasks they perform. This is the "first-of-its-kind" fully automated and integrated system that uses a Bilateral Methodology, giving Employers the unsurpassed ability to unite, hire, train and manage the best Campground Hosts. At the same time it gives Campground Hosts the unsurpassed ability to find a job that is the best match for their capabilities and preferences. Campground Hosts can also take advantage of the “NEW” My Resume Assistant when creating a resume. The results among Campground Managers and Campground Hosts is an increase in Productivity, Morale and the desire to extend their stay, reducing costly employee turnover. Employers that are using the My Campground Manager™ system are witnessing an increase in quality and quantity of work performed, customer satisfaction and ratings.
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Campground Managers and Campground Hosts that are tired of paying to post their resume to find a Campground Manager or Campground Host Job should check out the "Free" benefits they will receive as a CMM Member.

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