Camp MAINT Manager (employee scheduling software)

We spent more than a decade as work campers and managers to identify and provide solutions to the problems facing Campgrounds and RV Parks everyday. At the same time, incorporating those solutions into the "easiest" and most "time-saving" CMM Software. Downloads and updates are "FREE" to registered users.

Is your Campground Management Software Costing you time & money?

Here at CMM we believe that CMS tools should be intuitive, cost-efficient, and easy-to-use. That's why we've developed the CMM software of choice for campgrounds and RV resorts who want all operations to be completed on-time, everytime.

The #1 Rated Campground Management Software

Say goodbye to the pains of Excel with the PATENT PENDING Camp MAINT Manager (CMM) Software. The "only" employee scheduling software with an employee task scheduler that works "off-line" when an Internet connection isn't available.

"Peace of Mind" Campground Employers can now manage "ALL" Campground Operations from a Single Intuitive Platform, regardless of their location:

  • Manage Work Campers, including the duties & activities they perform, more effectively.
  • Manage a Vendors & Suppliers Form that allows you to maintain a list of vendors and suppliers.
  • Manage a Project List Form that provides information and costs associated with active and completed projects.
  • Manage an Activity Schedule Form that provides information and costs associated to future and past activities.
  • Send automated emails associated to managing Work Campers and Activities.
  • Access Work Camper's Total Paid Hours per Day and Total Paid Hours per Week "before or after" entering Unpaid Hours per Day and/or the Hours they are Required to Work per Week for their Campsite.
  • ​View Work Camper Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly and Monthly Earnings.

CMM SOFTWARE Specifications and Interactive Forms:

  • Save time and money, whether you have 2 Work Campers or 200+.
  • "Sync" the Work Camper's criteria from the CMM website, so you are up and running in minutes.
  • Train and manage the most qualified Managers and Work Campers.
  • Accelerate training by assigning the duties Work Campers are scheduled to perform.
  • Use our MAINT Duty List, create your own My MAINT Duty List, or combine the two.
  • Manage “Who & When” performs the wide variety of essential campground duties and activities.
  • Make it easy for campground owners and managers to learn the strengths of their Work Campers.
  • Maintain an up-to-date profile of active and inactive Work Campers.
  • Publish Weekly and Monthly Schedules with a single click.
  • Repeat current Weekly and Monthly Schedules with a single click.
  • Edit, Print and Email Weekly and Monthly Schedules to Managers and Work Campers with a single click.
  • Alternate Work Camper Duties, Hours or Days with a single click; promoting cross training, minimizing the boredom of performing repetitive tasks. The result is a more fair-minded work environment.
  • View and Print Work Camper Sign-in Sheets that include Assigned Duties, Activities, Start Times and End Times.
  • Keep Owners, Regional Managers, Managers and Assistant Managers up-to-date on campground operations; including scheduled duties, activities, projects and Work Campers capabilities.
  • Avoid tardiness by sending Shift Reminders to Work Campers.
  • Request Time-Off Form: Approve and replace Work Camper; update Weekly and Monthly Schedules with just a few clicks.
  • Work Camper Payroll Form: Download an Excel document with each Work Camper's Hourly Pay Rate($), Total Paid Hours per Week, Weekly and Bi-Weekly Earnings, Semi-Monthly and Monthly Earnings.
  • Activity Schedule Form: Detailed activity information that includes categorized and total activity cost for each activity throughout the season. Print activity information and email activity notification to all active Work Campers.
  • Vendors & Suppliers List Form: Maintain a list of vendors and suppliers.
  • Projects List Form: Provides information and costs associated with active and completed projects.
  • Use the provided Cabin Cleaning Inspection Form, Campground Inspection Form, Maintenance Report Form, Maintenance Request Form, Monthly Swimming Pool Report Form and Supplies Request Form.
  • CMM Software automatically backups to the CMM server. If your computer(s) experience hardware failure, or are stolen, your data is safe off site on the CMM server. Your connection can then be setup on another computer within minutes and you’re back in business.
  • "Sync Data" to your account on the CMM server when an Internet connection is available after working off-line. This will ensure all devices are working off the same database.
  • Install on the number of required Windows devices! No maximum number of employees! All under 1 license for 1 low price!
  • Owners and Accountants can install a copy and view (Employee Criteria), (Weekly & Monthly Schedules), (Activity/Event Data, Payroll Data, Project Data, Vendor & Supplier Data).

The CMM SOFTWARE is Fully Automated and Integrated

If the person you are hiring is a CMM member, all you need to do is click on their "Star Symbol" in the “Sync with CMM App” column on your CMM website dashboard, "Favorite Work Campers" page form. This will allow you to import the Work Camper's information directly into the CMM Software "WORK CAMPER TYPE FORM". Follow the simple footnote instructions and your ready to publish you're Weekly and/or Monthly Schedule.

Take Control of Your Campground and Watch it Grow!

Campground Task Scheduler is the number 1 Employee Scheduling Software for Campgrounds.

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National Work Camper Association (NWCA™)

CMM founded the NWCA™ as an Advocacy Group whose focus is to provide information and support for CMM Work Camper members.

This includes Work Campers of every ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation and disability.

The NWCA™ “mission” is to increase social awareness regarding relevant issues important to today’s growing number of Work Campers.

CMM and NWCA™ benefits and privileges are FREE to all CMM Work Camper members.

Whether you’re an active Work Camper or considering joining the growing number of Work Campers, we invite you to read the Work Camper Bill of Rights. Knowing your rights is the first step to protect, promote, and maintain a healthy work environment and sense of well-being. We love hearing from are members. Contact us with advice and suggestions that we can pass on to Work Campers, Campground Owners and Managers.

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