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Locating and securing a Work Camper job that is the best fit for both the Work Camper and Employer can be a daunting task for everyone involved. The number of websites and magazines that advertise work camping jobs and camp host jobs has grown significantly. Once you have compiled a list of Work Camper jobs in locations where you would like to live for a summer or winter season, take the time to compare the benefits offered by the Employer. I recommend reading my blog “Work Camping – the Good & Bad”, before accepting a Work Camper job.

Employers and Work Campers join for “FREE” and receive an eye-catching Public Profile Page that can be used to…

  • Promote the Employer’s campground, surrounding area and Work Camper jobs, employment opportunities.
  • Promote the Work Camper’s capabilities, preferences and resume to Employers.

Camp MAINT Manager – (CMM) Software was designed to “educate and assist” campground owners and managers on how to…

  • Hire and manage the most qualified Work Campers, ensuring that you have the right Work Camper for the job.
  • Accelerate Work Camper training on the duties they are assigned to perform.
  • “Sync” Work Camper profiles with a single click.
  • Inspire campground managers to learn the strengths of their Work Campers.
  • Manage “Who & When” performs the wide variety of essential campground duties and activities.
  • Alternate “Duties“, “Days” or “Hours” among Work Campers with a single click. This will promote cross training, minimize the boredom of performing repetitive tasks and create a more fair-minded work environment.
  • Keep Owners, Regional Managers, Campground Managers and Assistant Managers up-to-date on scheduled campground duties, activities and Work Campers capabilities.
  • Bring new managers up-to-date quickly on campground operations and Work Camper capabilities.
  • Maintain an up-to-date profile for past, present and future Work Camper.
  • Create and edit Weekly Schedules manually or automatically with just a few clicks.
  • Repeat the current Weekly Schedule with a single click.
  • Edit, Save, Preview, Print and Email your Weekly Schedules as a group to all managers and Work Campers. Recipients can then view the Weekly Schedule on any device that they receive emails.
  • View and Print Work Camper Sign-in Sheets that include assigned maintenance duties and activities.
  • Edit the provided Maintenance Duty List or create your own.
  • Use the provided Maintenance Request Form, Supplies Request Form or Campground Inspection Form. in conjunction with the Camp MAINT Manager (CMM) Software, expedites the process of…

  • Uniting and hiring the most qualified Work Campers.
  • Insuring Work Campers locate a position that is the best match for them and the Employer.
  • Solving the problem of retaining Work Campers for the season and hopefully getting them back next season.

Conclusion: To provide you a Smarter, Faster and Easier Way to Hire and Manage Work Campers and the Maintenance Duties they perform more effectively. The result is Higher Morale, Productivity and the Desire for Work Campers to extend their stay. Employers save time and money.

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