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Inside vs Outside Property Management

This is a must read for Campground, RV Park and Mobile Home Community owners that are contemplating, or are currently working with an outside Property Management Company to supervise the management of their property(s).

Reasons Property Owners Hire a Property Management Company

  • They do not want the difficult task of hiring the best manager for their property(s).
  • They do not want to be burdened with the day to day responsibilities of managing one or more properties.
  • They do not feel they have the experience and/or knowledge to obtain the best return on investment (ROI) associated with managing their property(s).

The Myths about Property Management Companies

  • Property Management Companies do not manage properties. Instead they hire and place a separate manager on each property. The manager is then responsible for the day to day operations of the property.
  • The Property Management Company performs the unnecessary task of supervising the property manager. Research has shown that Property Management Companies often do not have the expertise to hire and supervise the property manager associated with the type of property they were hired to manage.
  • All business-related tasks performed by the Property Management Company can be better served by the property manager hired to manage a specific property.
  • The property manager will report directly to you and anyone other designated individuals. For example, your account and attorney. You will then have firsthand knowledge associated with your property(s).
  • The cost associated with hiring a Property Management Company are significant and unnecessary. Just a few examples are the costs associated with employing Property Management Company supervisors. The travel costs to have them visit each property on a quarterly basis. The duplication of capital expenditures associated with property management and support personnel.


Property owners would be better served if they had a means to hire the best manager for their specific property(s). Until recently, this has been a stumbling block for property owners. (CMM) has developed the only website and software system that can assist Campground, RV Park and Mobile Home Community owners in hiring the best Manager for their specific property(s). All from a single system designed for the non-technical user. For a limited time property owners can register on the CMM Website and receive the FREE Beta version of the CMM Software.