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The New Millennial Work Camper & Technology

In the past Campgrounds mostly hired Baby Boomers born 1946 – 1964 and Generation X’s born 1965 – 1980. Due to the aging population of Baby boomers and Generation X’s, todays campgrounds have begun to hire Millennials born 1981 – 2000.

Millennial characteristics that create both challenges and opportunities for today’s campground owner is the fact that they…

  • Schedule everything.
  • Prefer digital literacy as they grew up in a digital environment.
  • Have never known a world without computers.
  • Do not live to work; they prefer a more relaxed work environment.
  • Are less likely to be tied down to a home and mortgage.
  • Are more likely to rent, own an RV or tiny home that gives them more freedom and a smaller environmental footprint.

What does this all mean?

Millennials are more likely to…

  • Create a more efficient work place through the use of technology.
  • Create a more relaxed and less stressful workplace.

CMM Software, LLC was founded to meet the technology demands placed on the growing camping industry and new entry of Millennial Work Campers. This included creating the CMM website and associated Camp MAINT Manager (CMM) Software.

The result has been the improved ability for…

  • Campgrounds to schedule and communicate the maintenance duties and activities Work Campers perform.
  • Campgrounds to promote their campground and job opportunities to work Campers.
  • Campgrounds to find and pre-qualify Work Campers that are the best match for the job
  • Work Campers to promote their capabilities and preferences to employers, resulting in more job offers.
  • Work Campers to find a position that is the best match for their Capabilities and Preferences, resulting in a more enjoyable work experience.

In conclusion, CMM is committed to meeting the opportunities created by the new Millennial campground employer and Work Camper. Happy trails.