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To Does BEFORE applying & accepting Work Camper Jobs

Working as a Work Camper part-time in return for your RV Site and a variety of miscellaneous expenses sounds like a great way to see the country, and it is. As with any other major decision in life there are a number of issues that should be considered before you apply and accept a Work Camper job.

The most obvious, is this a place that you would like to live and work for the next 6 months, which is the length of time most Work Campers are asked to commit to. The less obvious, but should be part of your decision making process are as follows.

  • What are the Work Camper duties and/or activities that I will be required to perform?
  • How many days and hours per day will I be required to work?
  • Will I have a choice as to which days I will be required to work?
  • Will there be an opportunity to work additional hours, and if so how much will I be paid?

Employers have good intentions, but with any business things can happen that are out of their control. A Work Camper can get sick or have to leave due to personal reasons. You may temporarily be asked to work additional days until a replacement can be found.

I would recommend asking the employer if they have a Work Camper Agreement that list the benefits and requirements associated with the Work Camper job. If you register on, you will receive “free” benefits that are designed to assist you in finding a Work Camper job that is right for you.

After registering you will have the ability to Search for Work Camper Jobs by Campground Name and/or State. You will then have the ability to View the Employer’s Public Profile page where you can perform the following.

  • See how other Work Campers rated their work experience at the employer’s campground.
  • Read a brief description describing the campground.
  • View campground images.
  • View campground video
  • View a Google map showing the location of the campground.
  • Visit a link to the Work Camper Jobs posted by the employer.
  • Visit a link to the Work Camper Benefits document posted by the employer.
  • Visit a link to the Work Camper Agreement document posted by the employer.
  • See a list of campground awards listed by the employer
  • See a list of social media icons that can be used to follow the employer’s campground.

In conclusion, do your research. The result will be a better Work Camper experience.